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Ungh! Love the rhodes and the strings. I just if the bass notes emphasized the root of the chords that the rhodes are playing it could sound even sicker. Good job man!


Liking the intro man. Very chill synth, sub might be a little too powerful for the intro. I dont know if youve noticed from my productions but i love those kind of synths that play perfect 5ths. Anyways, the drop i think needs some work. More specifically, the drums. I think you should include a more powerful snare in there / kick drum as well and have that oh so well known break be drowned out more and not be the main percussional focus. anyways, later d00d! Good luck with your music.

Kaizerwolf responds:

HAY. WIRE. Good god man, what are you doing reviewing my song?! You're on to bigger and better things, friend! :P

I wasn't looking for the biggest drop, I don't think, but I may have made the percussion too heavy for what I was trying to go for. I may go back and edit this one in the next few days. Thanks man.


I think the kick could punch through a little better.. Also the lead at 0:34 comes in a little suddenly. I do like the chords though. Ive never heard the original song by mr fiji wiji so i dont know if he had already composed that.. drop is pretty solid. Mainly just a few mastering issues.
Thats all the crit i got, good luck with your music man!

Acid-Paradox responds:

Woah , I never expected someone of your caliber checking my stuff; feels good. I agree completely with you. I think my biggest weakness is that i don't have any education to anything related with music production and mastering. I have learned everything by myself , don't have the money to take courses and in my country nobody knows shit lol.

I agree 100% with your review , I just can't make a decent mastering because i don't know how.

Thanks for the review and congrats for your success at beatport.

Hey Man!

Ill make my comments chronologically correspond to this song, might make things easier. First off, i think adding some variety to the guitar sound could make a difference (for example, adding guitar chords not just notes, changing the level of the notes, etc)
Also, the drums could be mastered better to really punch through. The drop could work much better if you used some other elements to imply a build up towards the drop. And last but not least, dont be afraid to use silence in a song, it can add an element of surprise. Hope this review helps man, good luck with your productions in the future!

Reali-tGlitch responds:

While late for a reply, it's nice to be reviewed by one of the NG greats.

Good idea, but not executed that well

I liked the idea, I actually thought the video was pretty damn funny.
Anyways, your mastering needs some work to let the kick / snare really come through (and I hear some Vengeance presets), also the wobbles are pretty generic sounding, but hey , keep working at it man! I hope my score doesn't "offend" you.

dis my jam bro

No but seriously Ive always liked this song. Get a goddamn rapper that's got some talent to spit over your beats, Jordo. But besides that, i suggest using a simple sine wave basslines, cause that leaves higher frequencies cleaner for other sounds. Also, does get a tad repetative since the chord progression doesnt change. But seriously, git a rapper d00d. Talk to you soon

PoyzenJam responds:

yeah its not really supposed to change too much, wanted it for rapping. You'll have to show me about that sine bass too

Returning this review to its rightful owner!

Hey man. So as you know I like this song, very chill, trippy mysterious. As a loop it definitely fulfills its purpose. I feel some nice modulation could add a lot to it, more panning, more nutty effects, reversed sounds. Drums also have a nice quality to them. Keep it up, good luck!

DreamEater responds:

Thank you very much for your kind words Haywire; This review is one I will always cherish here on newgrounds <3... You rock buddy! :D


I wonder what happens when a shout is used backwar

ds.. Im assuming that was a Skyrim reference.
Anyways, the vocal chopping is nice, I liked the little arcade noises as well. Mastering could be better.. The kick drum / snare could come through a little cleaner. The panning hihats / noises were also noises. Main complaint: not bringing too much new to the table. Its a great song; heavy, as most dubstep is. But the chord progression lacks variety. Good luck witcha muzik

Scratchmyballs responds:

Thanks man!

I'm listening to your stuff now, and I'm glued to it.

Coincidence considering I've been really getting into glitch hop lately.


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